Monday, January 26, 2009

Report from France

I got this e-mail from my friend Ian who lives in Rivel, near Leran, about the situation in France after the storm. We're hoping that all our friends and everyone else in Leran are doing okay and that power is restored soon.

Hi Doug and Nancy,

As one of the millions without power, I'd just like to say its a bit grim now and we're all getting a bit bored of the situation. The Storm hit very early Saturday morning, and was pretty much over by the late afternoon. Pompiers (firemen) were out during the day telling all to stay in. We lost power in Rivel, Saturday morning and up to this morning (Monday) it was still off, and seeing many a powerline felled around the village, I think it's gonna be a few more days like this. It seem to be mostly affecting the small villages. Lavelanet, is fine, as that's where we are now at some friends. Chalabre, St Colombe, Leran, all seem to be out, although bizarrely Bastide sur l'hers seemed unaffected...I'm sure you'll get a fuller report elsewhere.

All the best

Ian & Jo

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