Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good News from the Bar

Dear Doug and Nancy

It's official! You can now get gorgeous frites (plus sausages and eggs or ham and eggs etc) for Sunday lunch at the Bar.

Hurry back!


Thanks Julian. Wow, this is good news. An English breakfast is a welcome addition to the menu and the French Fries are too. This is a good picture of the bar. I see Shirley, the proprietress in her striped apron, and Bill at a table, giving us a big smile. Eileen is happily getting ready to dig into the eggs and frites. Monsieur Simmons is either graciously presenting his plate to the photographer, or shocked speechless to see Julian behind the bar with a camera. I can't tell. In any case, Alan looks very healthy with a ruddy complexion, like he spent the day before skiing or walking.

It is not an exaggeration to say we'd head back to Leran today if we could, but our arrival is about four months away. Thanks, Julian and keep the news coming.

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