Friday, May 9, 2008

Photos Filed Under the Topic: Signs

I can't imagine any of these need any comment except the Baby Jesus Pur Porc. Why don't we have it here in the U.S.? (Click to enlarge.)


Judy said...

ok, Are you guys really driving from Moab to Montreal? Is that like a 2-3 day trip? I guess that you must have found a place to park your car for 3 months? Results: a simple statement means many questions. Questions on the "self-explanatory pictures...the last one about the oil??
We also encountered a village destroyed by the Germans in WWII in the Czech Republic. It was near Prague. They had created a memorial park on the site. There were pictures of the kindergarten class of which a few survived. They were the same age as Ron...we talked about the visit for a long time. In addition to the memorial park, they had rebuilt the village a few miles away. Judy

Anonymous said...

You have such a good eye for spotting signs and lots of other daily-life sights that many of us, myself included, just rush past without noticing. Luke thanks you for keeping her eyes a little more "open" to the world around her!