Saturday, May 24, 2008

Before and After

I thought some of you might find these photos interesting. The first two were taken in 2005, when we had owned our property here in Moab for a little under two years. They show the newly constructed cottage and the old house that we had thought we might tear down. We had constructed the berm from the rubble of an old carport pad on the property. Some plants had been placed in the berm and a lawn planted. We had begun some renovation on the old house, Mr. O's Place, but hadn't gotten very far; I had put a new railing on the porch. The last two pictures were taken this morning. The old house has new windows, a new roof and a paint job on the exterior; we gutted the bathroom on the inside, as well as texturing and painting the walls, stripping and refinishing the floors, and refurnishing the house for conversion into a nightly rental.


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Anonymous said...

Y'all have done wonders with your "Moab Homestead"! You have the right to be truly proud of yourselves. I think Architectural Digest should be following you around!

The trip to Montreal/Leran is getting closer. Luke will keep her fingers crossed that both legs of the trip are smooth-sailing!

I love being "back on the blog"! Vicarious I come!