Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Reader Photo Submissions

Oh so sadly must I admit that this deck, just waiting for wine, olives and relaxing bodies, is not attached to #14 Rue du Four in Leran. Luckily it will only be across the street at Alan and Eileen's, so I think I can carry my wine and olives that far. Thanks for emailing the pics and making me beyond jealous.

The other three photos are courtesy of old friends from Montana who used to live around the corner. Judy and Ron ran the Torch and Toes Bed & Breakfast(truth be known, Judy
did all the work; Ron did all the bullshitting) . However, Ron's other life as an architecture prof came in handy as it provided them with some interesting world travels.

Click on the photos to enlarge. Email commentary from Judy states that the "P" Parking + "No Car Farting" sign is on the street in Yarisloval Russia. I guess the Czechs in Prague aren't well acquainted enough with toilet paper, so they must have an illustrated user manual included on the packaging. And the sign welcoming visitors to the Moscow city park lists just a few activities that aren't allowed: biking, walking dogs, picking leaves, sunbathing, swimming, fishing, walking on the grass, drinking vodka (WHAT???), starting fires, driving through the park, picking flowers. Judy didn't say if there were more symbols on the reverse side.

Reader comments and photo submissions are always welcome.


Anonymous said...

Having been to Russia I understand the unfamiliarty with soft white toilet paper in the former Soviet bloc. In an effort to prove that there was "full-employment", every little task had someone employed to do it. For instance...at every public bathroom there was a little old lady handing out toilet paper...for which you usually paid a small sum. Luke got a "rap on the knuckles" (sort of like the nuns in grade school!) when she tried to get 2 sheets instead of one!

The toilet paper was brown and had the consistency of rough paper toweling (like you would get in a gas station or other public facility. The trick was to take your own soft, thick, absorbent Charmin with you and wrap it around the "brown" paper...so you would waste less of the luscious white paper from home...but you would never touch your "delicate little fanny" with the harsh brown paper!

So the Czechs were probably still getting accustomed to the wonders of soft, white tissue!

Anonymous said...

I got so busy talking about the Russians/Czechs and toilet paper that I didn't say what I really wanted to! I love the color of your neighbors deck...a nice clean off-white that makes the deck look spacious, open and sunny. The plants look great...those shades of dark green and vivid pink that I love...these are great colors for walls and shutters! In the winter the sun will warm the walls and during the summer the light color will make you feel cooler.

Just another of my many thoughts! Bon Jour!

d said...

did he say "fanny" on your otherwise spotless blog? nasty boy!

Shalaidah said...

You write very well.