Thursday, May 3, 2007

I'll Be Missing Moab

I got an email the other day from some good friends from Montana who spend six months a year in New Zealand. They're at the end of their southern hemisphere trip this year, and beginning their "departure check list" as they put it. I've been working on mine for months now; but they've been living dual-continent for 10 years so they've got it down to a science.

As we put the finishing touches on those last "To Do" lists, I thought I'd post some photos of our little compound in Moab. That way, when I get homesick, I can just look at the blog. Brilliant!

Above is what we've dubbed the "Shaqteau" or Moab French for the little guest bedroom, our most recent and (we swear to god) last building on the property. Rumor has it that it's comfy, so when any of you come to visit it's all yours.

The yellow 2-story shingled 'cottage' house is our current living space. We originally planned it to be an apartment over a garage/workshop, and it evolved into all living space since we've never used a garage to park a car. We lived in the old house (on the left) during construction, then began renovation on what we now call Mr. O's Place, a nightly/weekly guest rental.

When we bought the property four years ago, there was hardly a blade of vegetation on site except for two aging cottonwoods and a juniper. One of these days I threaten to count how many native plants I have actually put in the ground. Educating ourselves about xeriscaping and drip irrigation is a continuous learning process. The payoff, however, is nurturing a little secret oasis that is drought-tolerant and water-wise. Oops, except for the aspen, that is---we had to have a little piece of Montana.

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leslie said...

Wow! what a change from the camel ride visit. Looks like it has been that way forever, it is so inviting. You guys are really good at this house stuff.