Saturday, February 3, 2007

New and Improved Comment Section for User Friendly Comments

We've changed the comments section so that it is easier to comment. You should be able to comment without obtaining Google's permission. Je suis desole. We're new at this so bear with us.


leslie said...

Wow, the question is, did you buy it? It looks fabulous, each one has been more exciting than the next, and I can't imagine how you could do much better. The town must have all the amenities, I just realized why people go and sit in the cafe all afternoon, they have no terroir. That's why they have les places, les cafes, les fontaines. So everyone can gather outside, plus you get to meet people from your town. Very clever, les francais.

When J and D moved into their house they said they were very lucky because the previous owners had left the door knobs and the light fixtures. Be aware! Ask exactly what will remain.

So, have you told us how big the town of Leran is?, population, what do people do around there, agriculture, schools etc.? Il y a une quincaillerie? Un Point P? Un Super U? Montrez nous les photos de la ville, la place, la fontaine, s'il te plait. Mes felicitations, mes enfants, vous avez du succes.

Lorne & Lorie said...

Going to try to leave a comment.... those pictures so invite a red wine of subtle vintage ( anything older than 2007) and some goat cheese... your heart will tell you what to buy. Lorie and I love the exposed walls etc

Noah said...

My Mom is speaking Franglish.