Saturday, January 20, 2007

No O'Malley, No Cabin, So Why Not France?

This is my first post and I wanted to include pictures of our faithful dog O'Malley and our Montana cabin---neither of which are part of our lives anymore. Age caught up with O'Malley and we put him down in August, but not without spreading some of his ashes around the old tipi site. After much deliberation, we sold the cabin in October, but held onto our Montana residency long enough to see Senator Conrad Burns kicked out of office. We are taking the funds and heading to France Tuesday in search of "un maison a amenager" or a house that will need some TLC. As the US dollar continues to dwindle in the face of the strengthening Euro, I fear that our prospect of a fixer-upper is daily becoming more of a ruin and we better act fast.


Seth aka The Mackdaddy said...

It's a beautiful cabin. I'm sorry I never got to visit first hand. And don't fret, I know you'll find exactly what you're looking for.

Wasn't Andorra Darrin's Mother-In-Law on Bewitched? Watch out for those Muu Muus she was always wearing! Don't get sucked in by the easiness of wear and those intoxicating floral patterns.


PS- Sarah would gladly be a burdened donkey on the narrow mountain pass to your new domicile.

Cousin Kathy said...

Montana gets another democratic senator and you still decide to leave ... well, there's never a bad time for a new adventure. Looking forward to tracking your progress. Come back for the impeachment party. Bon voyage!