Thursday, January 25, 2007

Three planes, 18 hours...........we're here

Nancy writes:

We have arrived in Leran, our house-hunting headquarters for the coming month. We missed the blizzard of a few days ago, but remnants of several feet-high snow drifts remain along the edges of the roads. The skies were clearing as we drove towards the Pyrenees and the fields were strikingly green for late January. Our rental car turned out not to be a Twingo but instead a Renault Elf. We laugh about whether good old boy Americans would ever be caught dead driving some of the names of cars here....I mean, Doug driving an "Elf"...go figure. We stopped in Mirepoix to see if our immobilier Lizzie's was around but she was nowhere to be had, so called Alan and Eileen to give them a heads-up of our impending arrival. They welcomed us into their Leran home and we have an entire floor to ourselves, and after Sunday when they leave we will have the entire house. We met them at the B&B last spring when they were shopping for their piece of paradise. Since their purchase, they have been coming from Britain about once a month and loving every minute here. They said they know more people here than back home in their village. Lizzie called to invite us all for a drink and "natter" this evening and has arranged some house showings for tomorrow, so the search has begun dear friends.


leslie said...

Eh, bien. Vous avez arrive. Je suis tres interresant dans les petites boites que vous trouverez. C'est pas possible d'ecriver ou penser en francais ici, je suis dans mon bureau. Il faut que j'eccoutais le francais un peu plus. Don't let anyone French read this. Envoyer votres photos toute de suite, merci. leslie

Noah said...

umm yeah whatever, since my Mom posted a response in Japanese, I think I should translate. Its not word for word but you will get the gist of it.

" the french are very wiley, watch your wallets when around them, I think that your real estate agent made up a lie about her car so that she could spend one less day with you both since you smell like americans, dont let anyone french read this (she wrote that in english) never under any circumstances open a bank account in france as they are all related to terrorists, something about photos, and then she says Merci (that means thank you...) and she signs her name. Anyway, thats what she wrote, hope it helps! love you both, have fun!