Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Guest Post by Peggy

Around Leran with a Sketchbook and Watercolors

This is Leran's everpresent Chateau which began as a 12th century feudal castle.  By the 19th century, it was the hunting manor of the Count of Foix (according to the Chateau's booking agency).  Today it has apartments and houses lucky guests while visiting Leran.  I spent the afternoon outside the gate looking across the grounds, past the tennis courts and pool.   

Le clocher de l'eglise Leran.  The bells chime every hour announcing the time day and night.

The most visible of the Chateau's spires, easy to spot from anywhere around the area.

Nancy brought some hominy in her suitcase from the States and her friend Angela had grown tomatillos in her garden.  So, what does any self respecting relation of Darrell Oldham's do with these ingredients?  Make posole from Uncle Darrell's recipe for family and friends. 

French village houses have the most wonderful shutters and here are just a few around Leran. 


Anonymous said...

Peggy; I love your watercolor sketches around Leran. They are very spontaneous looking. Judy

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, Peggy, the paintings really give one a feel for things. Love, Leslie

Richard said...

I love the pictures Léran, i went on some crazy and not very good intensive french couse there!