Saturday, July 16, 2011

Madeleine's Guest Blog---Fun at the Marche Nocturne

Hi. I'm Madeleine. I am Uncle Doug and Aunt Nancy's niece staying here in the South of France in Leran. This is a picture of me in a sunflower field near Rivel, a village near Chalabre, on our way back from a visit to the Cathar castle of Peyrepertuse.This is at the Marche Nocturne in Leran on Friday evening. The Marche Nocturne is a market in the evening. This picture shows all the people eating their dinners at the Marche Nocturne. The tables everybody was eating at were all lined up down the street. The way you would get your food was you would choose one of the many restaurant/shops or vendors and place your order to get your meal and then take it to your table to eat.

I was walking around the Marche Nocturne and saw these very large cheeses through the glass. I thought I should take a picture of these very large cheeses to put on the blog. You normally don't see very large cheeses like these in the U.S.A. If you ever see very large cheeses like these, then defininitely, buy them and eat them.

I have never ever seen snails being cooked and I have never ever eaten snails and this will continue. Now my father recommended them to me but I did not at all want to even consider the snails as a meal. Perhaps as an unwanted visitor in the garden, but not on my dinner plate. I don't know about you though, maybe you might think of the snails as your most favorite food.

Here I am trying sheep's milk ice cream, you might think it sounds odd but actually the ice cream tastes quite yummy. Last night we met a fellow, a friend of Uncle Doug and Aunt Nancy's, named Julian. He took this picture, and he wanted to introduce me to this ice cream. The owner of the ice cream stand had very interesting and cool flavors of ice cream. Some of the ice cream flavors that he was selling were flavors like: rose petals, rum and raisin, mint and numerous others. I decided to go with the dark chocolate flavor but Julian strongly recommended rose petals. The sheep's milk ice cream was very delicious.

At about half past nine, a man started singing songs in French. When he started we figured that it was that time for Karaoke. At about ten o'clock in the evening my aunt and uncle left. My parents and I decided to stay a little bit longer (we stayed to about eleven). Even though we left at eleven at night the karaoke went on much longer (it went till about 1:00 in the morning). Just a little bit after my aunt and uncle left people started to karaoke, we actually heard some pretty wonderful singers. We had quite a bit of fun yesterday evening at the Marche Nocturne.


Angela said...

Madeleine, what a terrific post--and great photos, especially of the cheeses. Really enjoyed meeting you the other night. Wasn't that ice cream amazing?

Anonymous said...

Well done Madeleine - you captured the spirit of the Marché Nocturne excellently. Julian

North of Andorra said...

Angela-Thank you for leaving a comment. I really enjoyed meeting you as well. I'll bet everyone enjoyed that ice cream including me. Merci. Madeleine:)

Julian-I appreciate you leaving your wonderful comment! It was amazing meeting you. The Marche Nocturne was very fun; I am sure that everybody enjoyed the Marche Nocturne. Some day we might meet again. Merci beaucoup. Madeleine:]

Aunt Peggy said...

Bonjour, Madeleine! No offense to any other guest posters but that was a fantastic guest post! We loved the Marche Nocturne also (in 2009) and Kate and I were especially mesmerized by the girl that made the crepes, several at a time. And they were delicious, too. I am going to look for some of those very large cheeses but I'm not going to look for any snails. I was hoping you would tell us about your mom and dad's turn at Karaoke. Darn! Have fun and merci beaucoup for the post. Might there be more from this delightful correspondent?