Sunday, March 27, 2011

Goodbye to San Miguel

We made an excellent house exchange in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Our trading partners have a most wonderful, beautiful and luxurious house. The hacienda has a very unique entrance or approach off of a busy street leading out of the city. There is an archway that has, I believe, living quarters above. You go through the tunnel and up a steep hill (and you've already gained several hundred feet from central San Miguel) to the terrace.
Here's Nancy trudging up the final few feet with the house in the background. The owners call it "2010 territory", meaning it's 10 minutes down to the center of town on foot, and 20 pesos back up by taxi. Well, they were 5 or 10 pesos off the mark, but maybe we got the tourist rate.
There were three levels of terraces with doorways off almost every room onto one terrace or another. We spent a lot of time outside soaking up the sun and looking out at the city.
Nancy captured the moonrise one evening before we headed down into town for dinner.
Out of respect for the privacy of the owners, I won't post any pictures of the interior, but it was very beautifully and tastefully done, as you might imagine from the photos of the exterior. You can see the first, second and third level terraces in this picture, and all of them have green, lush plants everywhere.

Nancy also took this picture of the sun setting over the western mountains with San Miguel in the foreground. We had an interesting time, and here and there, met a few of the several thousand ex-pats, mostly American and Canadian, that live in San Miguel. We left early one morning and were not too far outside San Antonio, Texas that night. Two more days of driving got us home safely.

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Anonymous said...

That hacienda looks so lovely...I just want to go sit on one of the terraces with a pitcher of Margaritas! Of course, almost any picture (or anything else) makes me want sit somewhere with a pitcher of Margaritas! HA!

Take care. Luke