Thursday, February 24, 2011

From Nogales to Todos Santos, Baja

Todos Santos, Baja is all about relaxation. At least from our point of view. We are, however, the first ones at the beach each morning, thanks to the pleadings of Fergus. We have more than several beaches to choose from, depending upon whether we want to watch surfers, walk on hard or soft sand, watch whales, or have an almost story-tale entrance through a pathway of palm trees. While we don't have internet connection at our trade house, we are nearly locals at La Esqina, a down-the-road coffee-internet-sandwich-wine-everything oasis place. Right now we're just posting some photos before we head off for dinner. More thoughtful commentary later.


Anonymous said...

When did you take up surfing?

Enjoyed the brief video of Fergus and your foot.


Anonymous said...

Your pictures are (as always) lovely. Everything looks so different from the stories on the news! I felt more relaxed just looking at those beaches!

Have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a revioew of your blog - the firest for a while. Fergus and the crab is hilarious.

Julian at LĂ©ran