Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Swear, This is the Last Time

I swear this is the last time I will ever besmirch North of Andorra with words and pictures about a bathroom remodel. For two reasons; first because I know you could probably care less, and second, because I will never remodel another one. Now, on with the show. First, the old bathroom in all it's glory.

I must ask you to notice the pink sink and pink tile, the saloon doors and the most beautiful wallpaper you could ever imagine. I particularly like the way the sink jutted out from the counter top. Very stylish. The counter top itself was about 12 inches wide, just enough to fool you into thinking you could put something on it. A most exquisite detail is the switch plate with wallpaper to match the walls.
You can barely see the toilet here and you will have to imagine the toilet space itself, which was just about the same width as my shoulders. Admittedly, that's wide enough for most folks but it was claustrophobic for me. When we hauled out the tub and took down the wall we found the the whole shower stall arrangement leaked and the studs were rotting away.
We pondered the problems for a month or two trying to find another spot to put a new, larger bathroom, but it would have been too expensive to construct in another place. We debated knocking out a wall to enlarge the room, but again, it wasn't worth it. So we crammed the new bathroom into the old space.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, I present the new bathroom.

Voila! Feast your eyes on the new shower stall made of travertine tile with an Italian pebble floor. Behold the bead board ceiling painted a crisp white and the loveliness of the crown moulding. Revel in the glory of the light fixture shedding it's light in the shower stall.

Behold a sink that's not pink. Rejoice in counter top that's wide enough to contain the sink, the whole sink and nothing but the sink. Notice the new pine six panel door.
But most of all, glory in the fact that it's done.


Harley said...

First, never say, "Never!" There are bound to be bathroom remodels in your future, but saying so is rather like telling a new mother fresh from the delivery room that she will have triplets in the future.
Second, your faithful fans enjoy and are amazed by the magical transformations that you two create.
Third, congratulations!
Fourth, what's next on the agenda?

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful, and what an improvement. But Doug, remember that our mother was a great wallpaperer and that she loved the trick of wall papering the outlets. We are going to wallpaper a bathroom or two here on Vashon, I hope it doesn't make you shudder.
Love, Leslie

Linda said...

I like the beadboard wainscot. Very classy.

Good job on the whole thing. May you keep your word and never have to do another bathroom.

Anonymous said...

The bathroom is lovely! You two do such nice work...I am, as always, totally astonished at what you have accomplished.

I must ask one question. Did that pink sink give you nightmares? EEK!

Wonderful job...and I'm not tired of watching you re-do bathrooms or any other rooms...I am totally fascinated!

Have a good Memorial Day need the rest!


Anonymous said...

O.K., just to be accurate, how many bathrooms have you "done"? Seven, eight, ten? More than the average I'd say. This one looks great.

On the home front for us, we have finally sold our home in Lincoln, Ne. It has been for sale just one month shy of three years! You talk about bad timing. Anyhow we just about broke even on the deal. What a relief not to have to drive from Omaha to Lincoln every 2-3 weeks to do yard work.

I am enjoying reading Vics blog. Judy

Peggy said...

Bravo! This looks fabulous. I love the travertine. You are getting a signature Doug & Nancy bathroom look. Anytime you take back your rash statement about never doing a bathroom again, I have one that needs help. Maybe just a consultation?

P.S. Like Leslie, I love wallpaper too. But maybe not the creepy left-behind-from-previous-owners type.