Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving at Black Dog Ranch

We went over to Denver again for Thanksgiving. Black Dog Ranch is an appropriate name for the 75 acre farm. Peggy and Tony have two black labs, and their daughter, Anna, is boarding her back lab Ajax for awhile. Fergus was in heaven for a couple of days, although he was the low dog in the pecking order and took a little punishment. Here, Peggy is doing her best, with only two hands, to gather them up for a group picture.
While the Euser girls await the feast, Anna grooms Ellie while Ellie skillfully plays some kind of game, or catches up on the important happenings back in Jackson Hole.

Tony's mom looks great and is still sharp as ever. She remembers everyone's name which is more than I can manage to do, and I am more than a quarter century younger. I am too much of a gentleman (uh-huh) to mention a lady's age, but I will say she deserves and commands our respect.
This is the beautiful Thanksgiving table which the Euser ladies put together so well. Oma said a lovely grace reminding us all what we have to thankful for this year. And, in our family, someone always remembers to offer a toast to some of our old favorites, those who can't be with us. This year it was Ellie who first said, "Here's to Uncle Darrell."

This is Madeline who was out on the grass working up an appetite. And pictured below, is her mother (and my sister) Amy. She says, "Watch out for the dog poop, Mimi."

This is my other sister, proprietor of Black Dog Ranch and quality turkey chef, Peggy. Dan Twiggs, Amy's husband, labored long and hard on all the side dishes. Nancy worked up a whole bunch of hors' d'ouvres.
Ellie and Anna pose for their Uncle Doug never imagining that the picture would end up on North of Andorra.
Anna is just completing her PhD/MD at the University of Vermont and has a right to be exhausted after eight years of matriculation. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

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Anonymous said...

I love getting to see the faces of your family members who so frequently write comments to your blog entries. You begin to know them a little through their remarks, but it's really great to see their faces.

It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Greetings to all! (Belatedly...since I've been having gigantic computer problems!).