Sunday, March 16, 2008

Some Images from Leran and Mirepoix

Our thanks to Alan and Eileen Simmons who sent these photographs of Leran and the Mirepoix market. The tree lined lane is just around the corner from our house, and the chateau, I think, would be just to the right. It's a popular dog walking spot. We see many of the dog owners heading down the lane with their dogs. The road ends, as I recall, at a farm and several dirt tracks go off from there. We've not been too far down past that because we're not sure if we're trespassing or not. But I'm sure Nancy and Fergus and I will see much more of that lane this summer.

Wow. The second photo makes me wish we could go to the Mirepoix market tomorrow morning. I see pistachios, candied raisins, candied orange slices, candied orange peel(?), and some nuts of some kind. All of them look very enticing sitting there in the bright winter sunshine. I'm pretty sure that an overwhelming majority of vendors are either self-employed or work for a family business. When we go to the supermarket here in Moab, of course it's not outside, and everything is wrapped in plastic or in a cardboard box. It's all hermetically sealed and untouched by human hands. Giant corporations are on the receiving end of every transaction, ending up with our hard earned money. The difference between the Mirepoix market and American supermarkets saddens me.
I hope Alan and Eileen will send more pictures.

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